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2008.06.05 États-Unis: Ralentissement des adoptions internationales dans un contexte de règles durcies et de scandales

Source The New York Times, extraits traduits par Cœur Adoption

Pour adopter, merci de patienter

(…) Pour la première adoption, “c'était une question de quand,” (…). “Cette fois-ci, c'est une question de si.” (…)

Adoption experts say that international adoptions have become more tortuous to pursue. There have been child trafficking scandals in countries that send large numbers of children to adoptive families in the United States, tightened rules under an international treaty that took effect in April in the United States, and a shift by many countries, including China, Russia and South Korea, toward more domestic adoptions.


A major change in the adoption landscape is the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, a treaty involving more than 70 countries and recently signed by the United States. It establishes new accreditation requirements for adoption agencies and protections against child trafficking. Many in the adoption field expect the treaty to stop the commercial industry that boomed in many countries as demand for international adoptions rose. Ultimately, the regulations are expected to benefit the children and those wanting to adopt them.


“The Madonna case just kills us,” said the prospective father trying to adopt in Africa. “She didn’t go through the proper process, so as it has been portrayed in the media, people assume that Americans are coming in and taking kids from their parents. The goal of most adoptive parents is actually to provide a home for a kid with no known family.”

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